About Us

We at the “Crictopedia” are none other than humans. We love reading and writing just like you. Here are some of the basic information you might want to know about us and our community.

Who are we?

As already told you, we are humans just like you. From a very beautiful place i.e Jaipur, we are a team of experts. We love writing things about cricket, we started our website on 21st October 2021. It is really a proud day for us. By means of the profession, we are engineers. Some of us are Electrical Engineers and some are software engineers. The common thing among us is that we all love writing.

What do we do?

Here at the “Crictopedia”, we try to provide you with information about every aspect of the sport. From Stats to Analysis, News to match predictions, live updates to fixtures, and all articles related to cricket. There is plenty of information available in this 21st century for cricket.

With our in-depth articles on almost every category of the sport, your doubt will be clear. Whether it is about the knowledge of the game or interesting stats, we will guide you about everything.

Topics we love to write on

We are not limited to these topics. However, we love to write upon the following topics. We believe to provide our visitors with as much information about the sport as we can.

  1. Interesting Facts
  2. Stats
  3. Live Updates
  4. Match Predictions
  5. Results
  6. News Articles
  7. Fixture

About the Team

As already told you, we are a team of 30 members, who hold his task and performs it really well. We all are good friends and love writing and exploring things. We all are from the same place i.e Jaipur.

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