Top 10 Cricket Records Nearly Impossible To Break

Top 10 Cricket Records Nearly Impossible To Break

If you are a die-hard cricket fan then you know that nothing is easy in cricket. Maybe it seems easy on TV but it’s not. According to the greats you have to use your brain and time the ball. So, if you witness someone breaking a record in cricket then it means the player was relentless and worked hard to break that particular record. But some seem impossible to break as here we will look at the top 10 cricket records which are nearly impossible to break.

Cricket indeed sees a lot of records daily. As mentioned playing cricket is challenging, a distinct game, and most importantly it brings the world together. It is one of the reasons why so many people cherish these records from all across the globe. Over the years in cricket, many great players came and set some unique records that are almost impossible to break. There are many records that you have seen over the years. And records are always made to be broken no matter what they are. But there are a few records in cricket that might never be beaten. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 cricket records that are impossible to break.

1. Nineteen Wickets(19) in One Match

Jim Laker

Recently, when Azaz Patel held the record for taking 10 wickets in one inning and only became the third person to do so. He ended up taking 14 wickets in the match. But do you know that English player Jim Laker has the record for taking the most wickets in a single match? He took 19 wickets against Australia. He took 10 wickets in the first innings and 9 wickets in the second innings. Looking at the current situation this record seems unbroken as taking 19 wickets out of 20 is quite impossible.

2. Captaining at the age of 50

Dr. William Gilbert Grace is graced as one of the greatest cricketers of all time. He captained England at the age of 50 and created a record while doing so. Now players take retirement after reaching 40 as they were not able to serve to the full extent. That is one of the reasons why this record has stood still since 1899 and we are sure that it is going to be hard to beat it.

3. 30 Year Career

Wilfred Rhodes

Sachin Tendulkar started his international career at the tender age of sixteen. He batted for years and years for Team India but he still only had a 24-year-long career. But it’s the English all-rounder Wilfred Rhodes who played Cricket for England for 30 years and donned the cricket jersey like a boss.

4. 50+ Runs in Three World Cup Finals

Adam Gilchrist

Making it to the World Cup final is itself an achievement as it is one of the biggest tournaments in cricket. Imagine making 50+ scores in three WC finals is truly a master record to have. If you want to know the name behind then you already know the blasting cricket who is famously known as Gilly. Adam Gilchrist has smashed two fifties and a century in three finals which we think is one of the hardest records to break in upcoming years.

5. Most First Class Wickets

Wilfred Rhodes

Wilfred Rhodes not only holds the record for 30 years but also has a record of taking the most first-class wickets in his career. In recent times, players are playing very little first-class cricket, and on the other hand, Rhodes scalped an incredible 4204 wickets in his 30-year-old career which we are sure is hard to beat.

6. 199 First Class Centuries

Jack Hobbs

Since we are talking about records made in first-class cricket then why not mention the person who made a staggering record of 199 first-class centuries in his career. Most centuries in first-class cricket belongs to Jack Hobbs who made a century in almost every first-class match he played.

7. Consecutive Maiden Overs

Rameshchandra Gangaram Nadkarni

Do you know that once an Indian spinner Rameshchandra Gangaram Nadkarni once bowled a total of 21 consecutive overs without conceding a single run? For those who want to know, he only gave 5 runs in total. As per the current fielding rules, this record is likely to be unbroken for the next few years.

8. 3-Over Century

Sir Don Bradman

When there are two no-balls then an over is extended to eight balls. And the Australian cricketer Sir Don Bradman made full use of it. He once used this as the perfect opportunity to create a new record. He crossed the century mark in just 3 overs.

9. Three Double Centuries in ODIs

Top 10 Cricket Records Nearly Impossible to Break - Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is one of the best cricketers we have ever seen. Especially when he plays that pull shot, it’s so mesmerizing. He holds an incredible record of three double-centuries in ODIs. We are sure it’s hard to repeat this feat and that is why it is listed as one of the unbeatable records lists.

10. Average of 99.94 in Test

Top 10 Cricket Records Nearly Impossible to Break

Talking about records in cricket and not mentioning Sir Don Bradman‘s batting is like a crime. Before even talking about it, we like to announce that it is an unbreakable record that everyone knows. Sir Don Bradman, often regarded as the greatest batsman ever, has made 6,996 runs in just 52 tests at an average of 99.94. Before his retirement, his average was 100+ but unfortunately, he got out at zero in his final innings.

Honorable Mention : 77 Runs in an Over

Top 10 Cricket Records Nearly Impossible to Break -  Bert Vance

Bert Vance, former New Zealand cricketer gave 77 runs in an over. The incident took place in the match between Wellington and Canterbury in Christchurch.


These are the Top 10 cricket records that are unlikely to be broken anytime. We hope you got to know about some new records and some new names in cricket. These are the people who worked tirelessly and made these records. We hope you liked this list. Until next time. Goodbye!