3 Reasons Test Cricket Is Superior To All Formats

3 Reasons Test Cricket Is Superior To All Formats

If you are a hardcore cricket fan then you know the famous saying that test cricket is the ultimate form of cricket and we believe that it stands true on all volumes. Even the players performing exceptionally well in ODIs and T20s always wait for their chance to shine in Test cricket. Well, if you have ever dreamt of becoming a cricketer then we are sure you have thought of playing test cricket for your nation once along with hitting that world cup winning six just like MS Dhoni did.

In all seriousness, we believe that test cricket is the best cricket and rule above all the other two international formats. There is a reason why die-hard fans and the best players in cricket wait for five days for the conclusion. And that’s all because of the entertaining ride test cricket takes us all.

If you love to watch the Ashes or Border Gavaskar test Series or if you remember the rivalry between India and Pakistan in test cricket then you already know that test cricket is better than all other formats. Test Cricket has given us many memorable matches like Ashes 2005, India-South Africa test series in 2013, and many more. How can one forget Graeme Smith coming out to bat with broken fingers just to save the match for his country? Remember Rahul Dravid‘s 233 and 72 that too in Brisbane as India won against Australia in one of the most thrilling test matches ever. Young Ishant Sharma is swinging balls inside the great Ricky Ponting. Anil Kumble’s broken jaw but still he came back for bowling. There are a plethora of such tales that test cricket has given us over time.

If you are still not convinced then we suggest you read on because till the end we will make sure to prove that test cricket is superior to all the other formats.

Format Tests your Real Character And Perseverance

Aus vs WI

If you want to see whether your favorite player is world-class or not then see how he/she performs in the test matches. Test matches tests for players’ character and endurance. That’s what you expect from a four innings match. Not only physical strength but you also need to keep your mental endurance at the top level throughout the match to win in the end.

Fun FactDo you know that cricketers have specially made bats from the test format. Sachin Tendulkar confessed he played with heavy bats in test cricket so he can keep the ball to the ground instead of in the air.

In the 2018 Ashes, we saw Ben Stokes and Jack Leach doing the same as England finally won the match at the Oval in front of their crowd after they were 9 wickets down. We have seen many other players do it, and according to Michael Hussy, “Test Cricket is the purest and bloody form of cricket as you need to show more endurance and temperament to win”. Even former Indian coach Ravi Shastri didn’t back down from saying that, “Virat Worships Test Cricket as it tests his patience and temperament from time to time. We dominated last five years in test cricket and that tells how many world-class players we have.”

Cricket and Nothing Else

Ind vs Aus

The other formats that include ODIs and T20s are becoming more commercialized. We are witnessing new T20 leagues, with loads of entertainment, sponsors, and eventually money. At the same time, test cricket is all about being the heart of the sport. Events like IPL, Big Bash, PSL are more about brand value as people watch to support their favorite teams but in the end, it’s the endorsements that matter.

The actual game happens in white cricket apparel where both the fans and the cricketers enjoy the essence of cricket away from all the sponsors, commercialization, and small entertainment. Some said that test cricket not only tests the endurance and patience of the players but also of the true fans of the sport. If you also watch ball-by-ball test matches like us then we need to sit together next time when our favorite teams are playing.

It’s a Battle of Masters

Ravindra Jadeja And Virat Kohli

If you want to win a test match then you do not have to perform well only for 50 overs twice, it’s a tactical game of sessions. Every session has something new to offer. The first session offers things for bowlers, in the second session batters find their way after settling on the pitch, and in the final session spinners’ role comes into play(a normal scenario as it all depends on the pitch.)

Test matches that last five days have a maximum of 15 sessions, which means players need to build strategies to survive in each session and win the match in the end. Well, it’s not a rule but the team bossing the most sessions usually ends up winning the battle of gladiators. It doesn’t matter if a team has lost the first few sessions they can anytime make a comeback but play diligently their next few sessions.

That is why the test match keeps the players, viewers and even the officials intrigued from the start to the end. Earlier this year, we saw team India getting all out for 36 in the first test match but end up winning the test series by 2-1 even without their best player Virat Kohli. You can never predict an outcome in a test match or a series and that’s what makes test cricket easily the best form of the sport.


Players love to play test cricket because it is way too competitive for players and requires the qualities of patience, persistence, and skill. Something that everyone wants to incorporate into their life. Even being the most intense format you get to witness the class shots and bowlers experimenting with the ball to get the batter out. Apart from the conditions, players need to play against the game plan of the other team.

Writing this blog was essential especially for the millennials as most of them have no idea how entertaining test cricket can be. If the ICC can make the World Test Championship more centralized in the future then test cricket can be more entertaining among the fans as it will attract more new people to cricket. We hope you like this article and you also start believing that test cricket is superior to all other formats. Until Next Time, Good Bye!