How To Play Cricket – Step By Step Instruction


Cricket is a game that needs physical agility to field, bat, and bowl. There are eleven players for each team. A set of rules were designed for the sports International Cricket Council. These are the same for both women and men players. 

The game begins with captains and the match referee gathering for a toss. The toss-winning team is permitted to select to field or bat first. This process is the same across all three formats. Players must wear all white for a Test Match, color tees for ICC Twenty20 International, and trousers for One-Day International. In this context, we will understand how to play cricket step by step.

How To Play Cricket Step By Step – Basic Rule Of Cricket

Here, we discussed how to play cricket step by step: Each team comprises eleven players, including the captain and vice-captain. A game should have two players standing at each of the two ends of the wicket. The bowler should bowl six legal deliveries to constitute an over. 

A batsman can be given out by either being bowled, caught, leg before stumped, stumped, hit wickets, handled the ball, timed out, hit the ball twice, and obstruction. Test cricket matches are played over five days, where both teams have two innings. The scores are then completely unexpected, and the team with the most runs after each inning is the winner.

One-Day International cricket match played with fifty overs. International games will have two more referees called the third and fourth referees. The fielding team should have one designated wicketkeeper, the only person permitted to wear pads and gloves on the field.

What Are The Rules Of Playing Cricket?

How to play cricket and the rules are here step by step.

1. Cricket rules are simple to understand. It involves five essential pieces of equipment – the bat, the ball, the wickets, the bails, and the stumps.

2. Cricket is a team game with eleven players on each team. The eleven players include the captain, vice-captain, batsman, bowler, and wicketkeeper.

3. The match is generally played in a large circular or oval-shaped stadium. There is also a smaller inner with a twenty-two-yard pitch at the center.

4. The match is broken down into different sections known as balls, which is one delivery of the ball bowled by a bowler to a batsman.

5. An inning comprises a certain number of overs or a precise amount of time. A one-day international match consists of 50 overs per innings, and an ICC T20 international match consists of 20 overs per innings.

6. During the innings, the batting team will have two batsmen on the pitch, while the opposing team’s eleven players, the bowling team, will have their players at various parts of the field.

7. The games will have two on-field referees to decide the match context. A third umpire monitors the match through a screen and helps with uncertain or near decisions.

What Are The Requirement For Playing Cricket?

All equipment players need to play cricket is strictly regulated by the laws of cricket, a set of rules that apply to cricket worldwide. How do you play cricket with requirements? Here, the requirement for playing cricket are as follows.

1.   Ball – The ball is an essential requirement of playing cricket. It is a cork ball covered in leather.

2.   Bat – The bat, an essential requirement of playing cricket, is made of flat wood and connected to a conical handle. Using this, the batsman can hit the ball on any side, including leg-side shots, offside shots, or flick shots. 

3.   Clothing – The player needs to polo t-shirt in every game. It depends on the weather and games.

4.   Protective Equipment – Like many other games, cricket is unique and requires protective gear to ensure safety from the fastball.

a)   Legs pads: Batsman and wicketkeepers protect the shins, and fielders stationed close to the batsmen might also choose to use leg pads.

b)   Abdomen Guard: Batsmen and wicketkeepers generally wear this to protect themselves against the impact of the ball hitting the body.

c)   Helmet: To protect their heads from the incoming ball for batsman and fielder. The ball hitting the wicket can be great, and bails might get dislodged after the impact of the wicketkeeper.

d)   Wicket Keeper Gloves: Compared to the thinner wicket, sometimes also feature webbed fingers to help the wicketkeeper catch the ball.

How Many Players Are There To Play Cricket?

As per the cricket laws, there is a 15-member team squad for all international tournaments conducted by the cricket governing body and International Cricket Council. There are only 11 players in cricket, including the captain and vice-captain. 

Apart from these 11 players, some more players on each side can only field as a substitute for an injured team member. The fielding team must have 11 players, and the opposite team can send only two batsmen to the stadium at playtime

How To Play Cricket As a Beginner?

Here, you will get the information about how to play cricket for beginners, and it will help you as follows: First, you have read the above context step by step, then you will get the overview. Select a team of 11 players from each team. Arrange the needs requirements are playing cricket, its ball, bat, and stumps.

Toss a coin to decide which teams will choose batting or fielding first. Bowl and limit the against team from scoring more than you. With batting, you have to take many runs and zero wickets. How to play cricket, let’s play cricket.

How To Play Cricket As an Intermediate?

How to play cricket for intermediate, the cricket team has 11 players. If you play club cricket, you will generally play on the ground, with the required requirements. The ground is a large expanse of flat grass, quite frequently circular/oval and surrounded by a boundary.

The pitch is suitable in the middle of the field. Tossing a coin decides the order in which the teams decide on fielding or batting. Wickets can be defined as one by ending the twelve two yards between stumps, the stumps themselves/ batsman discharge from the sports.

How To Play Cricket As a Master?

A master for cricket players who played the domestic match, first-class matches, list- A game, and so on. How to play cricket for a master? The answer is here, Players were strong in both batting and fielding, so they played well. Players on the batting side score more run, and fielders can score more wickets.

Teams bat until they complete their overs or the bowling team takes ten wickets. An over contemplates six balls by a bowler from the fielding team. Players with the highest number of runs win the match.

How To Play Hand Cricket?

Hand cricket became famous recently as people who are fond of cricket didn’t get the opportunity to play on the ground and fulfilled their wishes using this type of cricket. For hand cricket, you require two different players and their hands.

How To Play Leg Side Shots In Cricket?

Whenever the bowler misses his length and bowls to the leg of the batsman, he uses the opportunity and plays the ball on the leg side. Leg side shots are the easiest shot as this requires sheer timing and placement. To play the leg side shots in cricket, the batsman needs the bowler to bowl the ball to his legs.

How To Play Offside Shots In Cricket?

Offside shots are one of the hardest shots in cricket, and it requires a lot of timing and has the probability of getting out by edging the ball to the wicketkeeper or slip players. A few offside shots are cover drive, cut shot, uppercut, and so on.

How To Play Cut Shot In Cricket?

The cut shot is one of the offside shots; Sachin is known as the God of cut shots. For playing the cut shot, the ball must be bowled outside the off stump with good height.

How To Play Short Ball In Cricket?

Playing short ball has been challenging for most batters worldwide, as missing this will create severe injuries to the batsman. Pull shot and uppercut is the best way to play the short ball in cricket.

How To Play Flick Shot In Cricket?

Playing flick shot in cricket is quite easy as the batsman need to touch the ball with his bat. Flick shots will be played whenever bowlers miss their length and bowl to the legs of the batsman.

How To Play Fast Ball In Cricket?

Playing fastball requires skill and mindset because these are challenging to play, and the ball passes in a fraction of a second. The fastball has advantages and disadvantages for a bowler. If the batsman misses, you can get a wicket quickly or leak a lot of runs.

Conclusion – How To Play Cricket

In the post, we discussed how to play cricket with beginners, intermediate, and masters and the requirements.

A cricket team consists of 15 squad members, and the leading 11 players include the captain and vice-captain. A game should have two players standing at each of the two ends of the wicket. 

The bowler should bowl six legal deliveries to constitute an over. Let’s see the above post on how to play cricket. You will get an overview of playing cricket.