Top 5 ODI Teams With Most Number of Wins

Top 5 ODI Teams With Most Number of Wins

The ODI (One Day International) started in 1971 with a match between Australia and England in Melbourne, Australia. Until now there have been around 25 nations and 12 major nations that have played the ODI format of the game and more than 4000 ODI matches have taken place since including the 12 ODIs world cup. So, we thought of compiling a list of international teams of the top 5 ODI teams with the most number of wins in history.

Cricket has a rich history as it was started in the late 16th century. It originated in South East England and became an established sport in the country in the 18th century and started developing globally in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was this time only Asian cricket started to expand. Since its inception, the world has seen different formats of games. At the moment there are three formats including T20s, Test cricket, and ODI cricket. So without further delay, let us check out the top 5 ODI teams with the most number of wins in history.

1. Australia – 597 Wins

Australia has won the ODI world cup six times and holds the record for winning the tournament the most times. This shows this supremacy in One Day Internationals and the above statement is the proof of that. There was a dominating era from 1997 to 2007 where they won three consecutive ODI world cups. Everyone in the cricketing world knows that Australia dominates the game and almost every other team.

Top 5 ODI Teams With Most Number of Wins - Australia

Till now they have played 986 ODI matches and have won 597 matches out of it. Aussies have won 60.54% of the ODIs as they have a win-loss ratio of 1.737. Australia has won most of their ODI against the Kiwis with 92 wins and 84 wins against India and England. It’s only South Africa that has troubled the Aussies as they have lost 51 matches and only have won 48 ODIs against them.

2. India – 547 Wins

Although India has started playing cricket much later as compared to Australia and England, they never took much time to show their mantle, especially in ODIs. India has won the ODI world cup twice and is second on the list of the most ODI wins. Over the last 5 decades, the Indian team has been one of the most consistent teams in ODI cricket, thanks to the world-class players over the years. India is also the country that has played the most ODIs. With a win percentage of 52.54% in ODI’s India has won 547 matches out of 1041 matches the team has played.

Top 5 ODI Teams With Most Number of Wins- India

India has won the most ODI’s against Sri Lanka with 91 wins which are followed by West Indies with 64 wins. With a win-loss ratio of 1.209, India is expected to play their next ODI this month against West Indies. India is all set to become the first team to play 1000 ODI’s. Every Indian cricket fan wishes the players to improve this number and keep on winning the upcoming series.

3. Pakistan – 508 Wins

Pakistan is the third-best ODI team in the history of cricket. They have been dominating against in ODI. However, the events started in the 1980s. With the amazing fast bowling and reverse swing at that time, Pakistan started to win games in the ODI’s. Till now Pakistan has played a total of 961 ODI matches. They have registered 508 wins but they have also been beaten 453 times by other cricketing player nations as well.

Top 5 ODI Teams With Most Number of Wins- Pakistan

Pakistan and India are quite similar as Pak also have a 51% match win percentage same as India and with a win-loss ratio of 1.176. Once again just like India, Pakistan has also won their most matches against Sri Lanka(92 wins). Pakistan has also won 73 ODIs against India and 60 ODIs against West Indies.

4. West Indies – 406 Wins

West Indies was one of the best teams from 1974 to 1983 and were considered as one of the greatest teams of that time. West Indies used to rule the world cricket and basically used to bully them to win matches. The last two decades have been unfair for West Indian cricket but we are sure they are making a great comeback. West Indies have played as many as 834 ODI matches, out of these matches, they have won 406 matches and 388 losses so far. They have a winning percentage of 49% with a win-loss ratio of 1.052.

West Indies

West Indies have won most matches against Pakistan with 71 wins followed by 63 wins against India. But they have lost about 70% of their ODIs against South Africa.

5. Sri Lanka – 395 Wins

If you notice then Sri Lanka is the third team from Asia to feature on the list and is in the top 5. It proves that Asia has been the best continent as far as ODI goes. The Srilankan team has played 870 ODIs and won 395 out of them. However, they have lost 432 times to other teams as well. They are constantly improving as they also want to improve their record of most wins in ODI cricket.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has won the most number of ODI’s against Pakistan with 58 wins followed by 56 wins against India. Sri Lanka is a very small nation but they have given their sweat and breath to the game. Many top players like Muralidharan, Jayawardene, Jayasuriya from the country are proof of that.


These are the top 5 teams with the most number of wins in ODI history. These five teams have shown the rest of the world how to play the game and win one of the most entertaining formats of cricket. Fans of the respective teams would love to see their nation winning more games and retain the top spot. We hope you loved this article on the top 5 teams with the most number of wins in ODI history. Until Next Time! Good Bye!