Cricket Players And Their Signature Shots

Kohli Dhoni Cricket Shots

Cricket is a beautiful game and the added peaches like elegant cricketing shots and superb bowling are like the cherry on the top of the cake. There are some classic signature shots that will always be connected with a particular player like Kohli Dhoni Cricket Shots – MS Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot or Virat Kohli’s Cover Drive. It’s because every top-class cricket player has a shot in their books that is basically the definition of beauty. These magical visceral strokes get our attention right at the same instance as we want to keep looking at that particular shot again and again.

If you have ever heard that “Every individual has his own style, his own way of presenting himself on the field.” Then you will surely believe that cricket has a lot to offer. We have seen many players perfecting a particular shot. So, we thought of jotting down the list of some world’s finest cricketers and their signature shots.

1. Sachin Tendulkar’s Straight Drive

When you will find a similar list on the internet then you will also find Sachin Tendulkar and his ability to play amazing straight drives in the list. Anyone in cricket can play a straight drive but no one can match his class while playing the same shot. As the commentators used to say, Sachin’s straight drive is like a fired bullet from the world’s most efficient gun.

Sachin’s straight drive is surely one of the most incredible things that you will ever witness in your lifetime. It doesn’t matter to him whether it is a half volley or a good-length delivery. Sachin has the ability to put the ball straight where it came from in a fraction of a second. Even the top bowlers like Glenn McGrath, Shoaib Akhtar, Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, Allan Donald, Brett Lee, you just name every lethal bowler in the world and you will find them as victims of Sachin’s elegant straight drive whenever they faced India. Want to get a cricket orgasm? We suggest finding the reel of Sachin’s straight drive and watching it on loop.

2. Ricky Ponting’s Pull Shot

Rick Poting is also known as Punter is often regarded as one of the best captains of all time. However, his efficient way of playing the half-length through his master pull and hook shots is just simply undefinable. Ricky Ponting was one of the classiest batsmen of all time but his ability to play glamorous pull shots makes him the best puller of the world till now for a reason.

Ricky Ponting

3. Rahul Dravid’s Square Cut

Rahul Sharad Dravid, often regarded as the best test player this world has ever seen plays some amazing square cuts as we have never seen before. The wall along with his straight defense was also known as hitting the bowler with this beautiful square cut after tiring them with his defenses. However, just like any other top player he also has some amazing shots like cover drives, leg glances, etc. in his dictionary but his square-cut was the most lovely sight, especially in a test match.

Rahul Dravid

4. Brian Lara’s Late Cut

The legendary and former West Indian cricketer is among the top players that ever stepped on the cricket field. The record-holding cricketer also used to have a lot of shots in his books but his amazing ability to play late cuts was simply amazing. This special shot is used to toy spinners with this backlift shot. The late cut along with a square cut from the Brian Charles Lara in the same over was probably the nightmare for the bowlers.

5. Kevin Pietersen’s Switch Hit

Switch hit is probably one of the most innovative and modern shots in cricket. And no one has ever played it better than Kevin Pietersen. For those whose memory has faded than in a switch hit a batter changes his batting stance from right to left right after the bowler released the ball. Kevin Pietersen used to trouble the bowlers with this shot from time to time.

Kevin Pietersen

6. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot

As we are talking about modern yet innovative shots then MS Dhoni‘s helicopter shot would definitely make the list. The trademark shot is that hidden weapon in the Dhoni’s armor which is very useful especially in the death overs. According to many highlights, the helicopter shot was invented much before Dhoni made its debut but it was MS Dhoni who made it popular among world cricket.

Kohli Dhoni Cricket Shots

7. Virat Kohli’s Cover Drive

Virat Kohli is often considered Sachin’s successor to this world. One of the greatest batsmen of all time plays the most amazing cover drives of all time. The way he lifts his bat and transfers his body weight onto the ball is simply elegant. He plays some top-class shots but the Indian test skipper’s cover drive is the most beautiful sight in modern-day cricket.

8. Virender Sehwag’s UpperCut

Waqar Younis once said, having scored 298 and still having the guts to hit the next ball for a six is something unimaginable and you need to be a genius for that. Well, that’s Virender Shewag for you. The way attacked the bowler was absolutely incredible and uncalled for at the same time. Though he used to have a lot of strokes under his name. His way of playing the uppercut to the deadly bouncers was unique. Everybody knows that it was his fellow opener Sachin Tendulkar, but Viru left his impression on it.

Virender Sehwag

9. AB de Villiers‘s 360 Shot

AB de Villier’s most famous signature, the 360-degree shot involved him manipulating his stance and bat swing to hit the ball to any part of the ground, often behind the wicketkeeper or square of the field. This shot involved a swift rotation of his body to adjust to the ball’s line and length.

AB was adept at playing innovative shots, including the scoop or ramp shot. He would get low and use the pace of the ball to lift it over the wicketkeeper or fine leg, catching the fielders off guard. He was skilled at playing the reverse sweep, changing his grip and using the back of his bat to hit the ball to the off-side. He also mastered the reverse hit, which involved changing his stance and hitting the ball from the off-side to the leg side, often played against spinners.


There are many other shots and many other players who used to play many incredible shots in cricket. We have seen Ab de Villiers playing his unorthodox lap shot, Dilshan’s dil-scoop, Rohit Sharma’s pull shot, and even in the bowlers like Harbhajan’s Dusra. These elegant shots make cricket entertaining and engaging among the fans. We hope we will see new players following the legacy and coming up with some innovative cracking shots which we will call their own.