IPL 15 New Rules Announced By BCCI

IPL 15 New Rules Announced By BCCI

IPL 15: The new rules will make the upcoming season of the league more exciting. The 15th edition of the Indian Premier League will start on March 26. Some new rules will be implemented in this season of the world’s biggest T20 league, which will make the game more exciting. According to a report, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to implement new rules in IPL 15 because of Coronavirus. One of these rules is that which has recently been recommended by the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) to the ICC.

On March 26, the first match between Chennai and KKR

Changes in playing XI possible

The BCCI issued a release saying that due to the Kurla epidemic, the BCCI has made a new rule regarding the availability of players. Due to this, the troubles of the teams can be avoided. If any player of any team has coronavirus, then the team will be able to change the playing XI even at the last moment.

It is necessary to have 7 Indian players in the playing XI. If the number of positive players in the team is more and the team cannot make the playing XI, then the match will be postponed and a new schedule will be made for it. If even later the match is not held due to any reason, then this matter will be sent to the committee. Whatever decision the technical committee will take, will have to be accepted by both teams.

Now 2 DRS in each innings

Under the new rules, a team will get two DRS in each innings. Earlier each team used to get only one DRS, now the team has two DRS in fielding and two DRS while batting.

Strike will not change after a catch

Recently, Melbourne Cricket Club has recommended the ICC for a new rule. That if a batsman is caught out, the new batsman coming to the crease will also take the strike even if the batsman who gets out has crossed half the crease. Firstly, the rule was that the batsman who was caught out had crossed half the crease, then the new batsman had to come on non-strike. However, if the batsman was out on the last ball of the over, then this rule would not apply.

Variation in Super Over

If the playoff or final match of the tournament remains a tie, then the super over will be done. But if the super over also remains a tie and the second super over cannot happen due to some reason. Or for some reason, the first super over is not possible after the match is tied. It will then be decided that the team that is on top during the league matches will be declared the winner.

Watson appointed as assistant coach of Delhi

Former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson has started a new inning in the IPL. He has joined the Delhi Capitals team as an assistant coach for IPL 15. It is the first time Watson has joined the coaching staff of an IPL team.