Top 10 IPL Batsmen Of All Time

Top 10 IPL Batsmen Of All Time

Indian Premier League aka IPL, one of the biggest sports leagues needs no introduction. It’s just pure, intense, and fierce competition in cricket after the World Cups, because playing for a nation always and must come first. As we all know, the IPL welcomes the world’s greatest talent in the limelight. If any newcomer is able to perform in IPL then it surely means he has a lot to offer. Twenty20 is such a fast game that a player has to remain focused all the time. Well, they don’t even have the time to sledge each other. And with all those price tags on your heads, it is really difficult for the players to showcase their talent at the highest level.

But that’s what defines a champion and in the span of 15 seasons of IPL, we have seen a lot of talented batsmen who kept their reputation and showed the world they are the best. But have you wondered who are the top 10 batters in IPL of all time? If yes, then this blog is for you. Today, we are talking about the top 10 IPL batsmen of all time. So, without further ado let us know who these players are and what makes them the best.

1. Rohit Sharma

You might already know that Rohit Sharma is going to be on the list so we thought of starting with this most talented player that IPL has ever seen. We know that we are talking about the top 10 batters of all time but we can’t hide the fact that he is the only captain with five IPL titles to his name. Apart from this, Rohit is also the third-highest run-scorer of the IPL. His stint with both Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indian have been equally memorable. He has been known for scoring runs in almost every scenario especially in critical situations. Rohit Sharma is among the leading run-scorers in IPL with more than 5,600 runs all seasons.

Rohit Sharma- IPL

2. David Warner

Since IPL attracts talent from all over the world, you can’t ever rule out Australians in this league as well. Everybody is a fan of David Warner‘s consistency to score runs in important games. He has been one of the finest cricketers we have ever seen. Talking about his IPL career then he started his career with Delhi in 2009 and he started to gain everyone’s attention from 2013 when he scored his first 400+ runs in the season. Warner never looked back after that season as he has a record-breaking five IPL seasons with 500+ runs and has won the orange cap thrice another record as it is more than any player. Warner has scored 5449 runs in 126 matches he has played in IPL with a strike rate of 140+.

David Warner - IPL

3. Virat Kohli

Just like Australians, you can’t keep Virat Kohli out of the Indian Premier League. Although he has never won the IPL trophy. But as a batsman, he has bossed this tournament more than once. He played all his seasons for RCB and is the highest run scorer in IPL history with 6283 runs. He is surely one of the best And to achieve this feat he has thrashed five centuries and 36 half-centuries and is second on the list of most fifty-plus scored right behind David Warner. Kohli has also scored 977 runs in a single season which is the most by any batter in a single season.

Virat kohli - IPL

4. Suresh Raina

Most of you were thinking that Chinna Thala must top this list and we completely agree with you but we are not ranking these players rather than talking about why these players are among the top 10 batsmen in the history of IPL. So, coming back to the topic, Suresh Raina has played consistent cricket for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. His pivotal shorts has helped Chennai win the tournament many times. Raina is fourth on the list of highest run-getters in IPL with 5528 runs in the Indian Premier League.

Suresh Raina

5. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers adds glamour and cricket to every tournament he plays. When he paired with Virat Kohli it was one of the greatest partnerships we have ever seen. He has been part of some greatest players in the IPL and now that he is retired he left a legacy that surely no one can’t really pass. He also has more than 5,000 runs and the only thing which he hasn’t managed in his career is not winning the tournament.

AB de Villiers

6. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni and his iconic 7 number jersey have celebrated the IPL trophy many times. He has reached the finals 9 times out of the 12 seasons they played and it’s all because of his end order batting and cool captioning. A perfect amalgamation for a win. Dhoni’s batting average is second only to the tournament after David Warner as he smashed 4746 runs in the IPL history with the strike rate of 135+.

MS Dhoni

7. Chris Gayle

Played for a number of franchises in the IPL, this legendary cricketer is still one of the biggest hitters in the cricketing world. He has won two consecutive orange caps in 2011 and 2012 and scored more than 700 runs in 2013. He holds a plethora of IPL records like most sixes in an innings, most sixes in a career, most runs scored in an innings, and the most centuries in the tournament already establishing his legacy as an IPL legend. Gayle is very close to 5000+ runs as he has made 4965 runs with a strike rate of 150+.

Chris Gayle

8. Shikhar Dhawan

If you do not know then Shikar Dhawan is the second-highest run-getter in the IPL after Virat Kohli. Shikhar played for many franchises but his glorious stint began with the Sunrisers Hyderabad. But the last IPL season with Delhi told us he has not given up and has more to offer as he scored two hundred in the same season. He also has the most fours in this tournament’s history and is the only batter with more than 500 fours in his career.

9. Gautam Gambhir

The two-time trophy-winning captain is one of the greatest leaders and a classy batter at the same time. A cult leader of Kolkata Knight Riders as he won two trophies with them but he also represented the Delhi Capitals for four seasons. Gautam Gambhir is the 10th highest run-scorer and also has more than 4000 runs in the tournament with a strike rate of 125.

Gautam Gambhir

10. Shane Watson

Let us end this list with one of the greatest talents of all time. Shane Watson started his IPL career as the most valuable player of the inaugural season of IPL with Rajasthan Royals. This talented all-rounder is 13th on the list of the highest scorers in the IPL. Although he is retired from all forms of cricket he is still regarded as one of the best IPL players of all time with more than 3500+ runs at the stellar strike rate of 140.

Shane Watson


Here’s the list of Top 10 IPL batters of all time. Once again, we are not ranking these players rather talking about why these players are among the top 10 batters in the history of IPL. We hope you liked this list. Until next time, Goodbye!