5 Indian Players Who Scored Most Runs In A Calendar Year

5 Indian Players Who Scored Most Runs In A Calendar Year

Many times people believe that cricket is a batmens’ game. As per our experience, it is not always true, because if you step in the field then you will know that it is quite difficult to even touch the balls pointed towards you. Well, it’s one of those never-ending discussions. But one thing is certain India is known for producing some world-class batsmen over the years. With every new generation, we witness some great batsmen that achieve something extraordinary that other players can only dream of. So, today we thought of talking about 5 Indian players who have scored the most runs in a calendar year in ODIs.

Former legendary cricketer Ian Chappell recently opened up about the Indian cricket team and he said, ‘When it comes to batting talent, India is the best of all the teams’. This statement proves that India has a world-class batting line up and whoever plays in an eleven is tough to bowl in any conditions.

Just like in tests, consistently scoring runs in ODIs is as important for a batsman. And if you are featuring the list of most number of runs in ODIs then it is a historic feat itself as it takes a lot of consistency and great performances that separates you from the rest in the league. So, today we thought of talking about 5 Indian players who have scored the most runs in a calendar year in ODIs over the years. This list consists of some of India’s most legendary former and current players but we still believe that one name will definitely astound you. So, without further let us have a look at 5 Indian players who have scored the most runs in a calendar year in ODIs.

1. Sachin Tendulkar – 1998 and 1996

It should not come as a surprise because Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the God of cricket has achieved this feat not once but twice. Everyone knows that he is not an ordinary batsman and is one of the greatest white ball cricketers ever stepped on the field. In 1998 he scored in every series he played and scored 1894 runs, most by any Indian or any other international player in the world. He smashed 9 hundred in the year and two of them came against Australia at Sharjah. One of those hundreds is known as Desert Storm and is also considered as the greatest ODI innings of all time.

sachin tendulkar

Moreover, in 1998 he broke his own record that he made in 1996 when he made 1611 runs in a calendar year. That year he celebrated 6 amazing centuries and also took India to the Semi-Finals of the 1996 World Cup where he dominated all the bowlers. Now you know why he was a delight for the Indian and the world fans to watch him play. And why bowlers were always so delighted to get his wicket.

2. Saurav Ganguly – 1999

It was Sachin in 1998 and the next year Saurav followed in his footsteps. Saurav Ganguly, former Indian captain who is believed to bring the revolution to the team was also one of the best white-ball cricketers for India. Often considered as the god of off-side, Saurav scored 1767 runs in 1999. This year is also known as the revolution year for Ganguly as he hit 4 hundred and established himself that he is here to stay and lead the team.

Saurav ganguly

It was the same year in which he scored his highest innings score 183 against Sri Lanka in the World Cup. India is always a world cup contender because of players like Saurav Ganguly over the years. It was surely a great time for the Indian fans because the next name will definitely light you up.

3. Rahul Dravid – 1999

The year 1999 was surely memorable for the Indian fans. The current head coach and former captain of the Indian cricket team was one of the best test batsmen the world has ever seen. It was the later stages of his career when he was pointed as the test player but during the initial stages of his career, he established himself as one of the best young players along with Saurav Ganguly.

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The year was 1999, and India was having its golden era as Saurav and Sachin were already in the red hot form. Then comes the young Rahul Dravid who scored 1761 runs, 6 runs less than Saurav Ganguly in the same year. Dravid hit 6 centuries and also got his highest score of 153 in the same year.

I think now you understand that Rahil Dravid was not only a test player rather than an equally capable white-ball cricketer as well. In plain simple English, you can’t rule Dravid out of limited-overs in any discussion, he has more than 10000 runs in ODIs.

5. Rohit Sharma – 2019

A player with three double centuries in one-day internationals was bound to be on the list. The current and newly appointed white-ball captain of the Indian cricket team is among the most explosive batsmen of all time. His extraordinary ability to pounce on the balls and hit them for boundaries separates him from the rest of the current cricketers. 

Just before the pandemic hit the world, Rohit Sharma was showing the world what he is capable of. He scored 1490 runs in 28 matches he played at an average of 57.30 and a strike rate of 89.92. He also hit 7 hundred and 6 half-centuries that year. Now that he is India’s new limited-overs captain, every Indian fan hopes he keeps scoring runs like this and takes India to new heights with his ingenious abilities.

Rohit Sharma

5. Virat Kohli – 2017

I guess everyone was waiting for this name to appear on the list. To be honest, the way Virat plays he must be on the top of the list. And now when he has himself relieved from the captain position of the Indian team we believe that he will definitely break this record.

In 2017, Virat Kohli scored 1460 runs in 26 matches he played at a whopping average of  76.84 and a strike rate of 99.11. He hit 6 centuries and 7 half-centuries that year with the highest total of 131. Every Indian fan hopes Virat keeps on showing his class and along with Rohit bring that World Cup back to India.

Virat Kohli


These are the 5 Indian players who have scored the most runs in a calendar year in one-day internationals. We hope you have liked this list as we will be back with more information like this. Until Next Time, Goodbye!